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Performance Camps
Summer 2024
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Day 1 - Green
Chippenham RFC - 25th July
Broad Plain RFC - 30th July
Weston-super-Mare RFC - 5th August
Old Reds RFC - 12th August
Collegiate School - 22nd August
Bath (TBC) - 27th August
Day 2 - Blue
Broad Plain RFC - 31st July
Weston-super-Mare RFC - 7th August
Old Reds RFC - 15th August
Collegiate School - 23rd August
Bath (TBC) - 29th August
Day 3 - Red
Broad Plain RFC - 2nd August
Weston-super-Mare RFC - 8th August
Old Reds RFC - 16th August
Bath (TBC) - 30th August

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