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Prepare2Aspire Academy
Girls' Centre of Rugby Development

The sessions are aimed at unlocking the potential in aspiring young rugby players in order for them to access more challenging environments within academy development programmes and talent pathways.  The programme is designed to lead into RFU Centre of Excellence opportunities within CBs and Professional clubs from U16s.

The sessions are delivered through a mixture of high-tempo contact and non-contact game play and skill practices.  Fun through challenge is a key factor in the design of these sessions with activities focussed on improving technical skill, tactical decision-making, game play and teamwork.  This is under-pinned by regular immediate one to one feedback from coaches throughout the sessions.

Developing character and resilience are also key aspects of the programme in preparing young players to thrive in future challenging environments.

Session Dates & Venues available:

  • Term 4 Block starting Thursday, 22nd February 2024 @ St Brendan's Sixth Form College




Adults can book participants on up to two at a time.


  • Participants need to be in the U12, U14 or U16 age grades in the 2023/24 season.

Click the "Book Now" button below to book into the latest block of sessions.

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