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Ladies Rugby Fit

This session lasts 60 minutes and is delivered through high-tempo non-contact rugby game play.  Fun is a key factor in the design of these sessions. Each session will consist of conditioned games that focus on developing fitness, skill, decision-making and teamwork.  This session is ideal for people from all backgrounds; from those new to rugby to those who have experience of playing the contact game, there will be challenge for all.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.


I never felt like I was the ‘sporty type’ at school, so some of those old feelings inevitably resurfaced when I decided to give Ladies Rugby Fit a try. I needn’t have worried! Matt is an excellent coach who makes everyone feel included and valued, whatever your ability or confidence level. I learnt so much in a few short weeks and my fitness has improved hugely. I can honestly say I have loved every session and am hooked!

Sarah, Ladies Rugby Fit participant

I've not played a team sport since school and have tried most exercise classes but nothing has been as much fun as Rugby Fit.  Having started as a complete novice I've become a much more competent player and it's become my favourite hour of the week!

Cath, Ladies Rugby Fit Participant

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