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Many children throughout their schooling will have to overcome multiple challenges unique to them including low self-confidence, additional educational needs, managing frustration, building positive relationships and more.  At Switch we are dedicated in our mission to help individuals unlock their full potential. Through mentoring we work collaboratively with each child to overcome these challenges together by developing a range of strategies and tools that young people can use to improve their experience and life skills.

Within Primary and Secondary schools we have successfully aided out mentees to develop their personal skills and improve their school life. 

"We would thoroughly recommend the mentoring services that Switch offer. All the children who have accessed the service have increased in self-confidence. We use the service both for mentoring small groups as a short-term intervention and mentoring individuals long-term. We have been so impressed with the sessions, the progress and the Switch team themselves. "

 Mrs C Axe

SENCO Inclusion Lead Chandag Junior School and Chandag Infant School

The Mentoring process 

Our experienced mentors develop mentee attributes outside of the classroom to transfer into their learning inside the classroom through bespoke activities and mentoring conversations. 

Our Activities:

The activities are aimed at challenging and developing the individual needs of the mentees. Alongside utilising their hobbies and passions, for example teaching mentees how to fix their push bikes through questioning and exploring. 

As some children may struggle within a school environment, we provide off site mentoring. Within off site Mentoring we use and variety of activities and experiences to provide challenge and support, such as playing rugby, going climbing, or having mentoring conversation with some food.  

All mentoring packages also include a mentoring record, with mid-term comments and end of term summary and recommendations for the future.  This is accessible to you online throughout the mentoring process.


We are able to offer bespoke services for individuals and school based around the following.

Off-Site Mentoring

We offer off-site mentoring options as follows and are able to pick students up/drop students off from/to home or school as required.


  • Flagship Mentoring through Rugby programme - consists of a weekly 1-2-1 rugby skills development session and a mentoring conversation/activity

  • Mentoring with General Sports - consists of a range of sporting activities from week to week with a mentoring conversation/activity

  • Mentoring with General activity - consists of a range of activities and cultural visits from week to week, e.g. visit to Cabot Tower, visit to see Concorde etc. plus mentoring conversation.

On-site Mentoring

Our onsite mentoring sessions require schools to provide us a space and we catch up with students who do not wish or need to leave the site; this is suitable for those students who aren’t necessarily behaviour issues but perhaps are affected by low self-esteem, low confidence, anxiety, mental health issues etc.  


These sessions require a booking of a minimum of 90 minutes.  The sessions run from 45 minutes to an hour per student to suit i.e. 2 students in a 90 minute session. 


You could also combine these with an off-site session i.e. we see a student onsite from 9-10am then take a different student off-site from 10am until 12pm.

Small Group Mentoring

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"Before the mentoring I was a troubled youngster who was struggling with substance abuse and especially trouble I got into with my temper.  Matt became my mentor and allowed me to express the problems I was having at home and school whilst improving my rugby skills which got me into the Bristol Bears Academy and has allowed me to progress into the Bristol Bears Under 18s academy." 


                                                                                 Leo  (1:1 Mentee)


To enquire about the mentoring services that we provide please don't hesitate to get in touch.  Email with any questions or to set up a meeting to discuss our mentoring. 

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