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Summer Holiday Activities - August 2021
North Bristol RFC

This summer we are offering a range of coaching sessions across a number of venues so stay tuned and book early as numbers are limited.

1-2-1 Sessions & Pairs Coaching

1-2-1 sessions and Pairs Coaching are available at the following venues and dates:​

  • North Bristol RFC - Thursdays, 5th, 19th, 26th August & 2nd September

  • Duration: 55 mins

  • Cost: 1-2-1s = £30 & Pairs = £40 per hour session 

Small Group Skills Sessions (Max 12 participants)

These sessions focus on technical development and tactical application of skills into small game play.​

  • North Bristol RFC - Thursdays

    • 5th August, 1-4pm - U13s & U14s

    • 19th August, 1-4pm - U11s & U12s

    • 26th August, 1-4pm - U12s & U13s

  • Duration: 3 hours

  • Cost: £18 per person

Please ensure you note down the date and venue for the specific session you require, and click the correct venue on the drop down menu, when clicking on the options below.

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