October  Half-term Activities

This half-term we are running activities at two venues:

  • North Bristol RFC - Tuesday, 27th October 2020

  • Keynsham RFC - Thursday, 29th October 2020

Activities on offer:

  • Player Development Sessions

    • These are fast paced, ​game based sessions focussing on tactical awareness, decision-making and skill development within the context of a game situation.

    • Due to COVID 19 these sessions are non-contact based and adhere to RFU Stage D guidance.

    • Coach:Player Ratio = 1:10 (maximum)

  • Handling Skills Master Classes

    • This master class will focus on the technical development of catch and pass to improve the consistency of these elements under pressure. Push, pop, spin, and offload style passes will be covered in isolation and participants will be put under pressure in game like situations ​to test their effectiveness in these areas.

    • Coach:Player Ratio = 1:8 maximum

  • Basic Contact Skills Master Class (Keynsham RFC Only)

    • These classes focus on improving technical ability and confidence in tackling and general contact preparation. All participants will have be provided with their their own contact bags and contact with others will be appropriate and within RFU Stage D guidance.

    • Coach:Player Ratio = 1:8 maximum

All sessions last for 90 minutes and are led by Level 2 Coaches or above.  All sessions will be in line with current RFU Stage D guidance.  Please ensure you book your son/daughter into the correct age group session.

To book use the timetable below, selecting either the Tuesday or Thursday and then choosing the sessions that apply to you.

Class Schedule

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