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Matt has made a huge impression on the girls he has been teaching at school - both in PE lessons and at after school rugby club. He has instilled confidence in every girl he has worked with, including our female PE staff who have learnt from watching Matt teach. 

We have all been extremely impressed with his knowledge, positive and enthusiastic approach and his patience with every student. 


I thoroughly recommend Matt to any institution to develop any aspect of rugby with any age group. 

Lloyd Spacey, Castle School, Thornbury

It has been great to have Matt working as part of our Enrichment & Excellence programme.   Delivering bespoke sessions to our students as part of our excellence programme, The Students made excellent progress with their skills, knowledge and understanding of the game which was reflected in performances at inter school competitions and fixtures.  The students enjoyed the sessions so much that we extended the programme for the students.  Alongside this Matt was able to provide additional CPD for staff to use within their own sessions, improving the quality of provision for all students in lesson time.

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