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Training Buddies - Rugby Skills & Fitness

This session is designed for members of the same household or two individuals from different households to exercise in pairs in a designated 10 x 10m square as part of a larger group session of 16 people (8 pairs).


Dads/Mums training with Sons/Daughters, Brothers/Sisters or you and a mate training together this session is designed for you.


The session will consist of rugby based skills and fitness activities including, pass, catch, run and kick, designed to raise your heart rate and test your skill levels.  There will also be competition between each pair working within the session.


The session is non-contact and social distancing measures will be in place so that no pair will come into contact with each other or another pair working in the session. 


This session lasts for 60 minutes and is suitable for adults and young people over the age of 14.


Session costs £6.50 per person but you will have to organise yourself a partner prior to booking.

When booking you will be able to book for 1 or 2 participants if you'd like to book for you and your partner.

Please note we will be unable to provide toilet facilities during the session.

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